Creating a WOW Event

  • “IDEA”, for example: “luncheon,” research venues and dates.
  • The Fish Fry Manager is Joann Stabenfeldt (414-412-3542). Check with Joann for the month that you wish to host, then check with Joy to reserve the date on the calendar.
  • To book OTHER activities, check with Joy Imms at (262) 391-3606 to ensure that the selected date does not conflict with another activity.
  • Speak to manager or contact person at venue, and ask about capacity, parking for large groups, and food pricing that does not include coffee or dessert. Members pay for their own drinks on separate checks. WOW does not fund any alcoholic drinks. If no down payment is required, you may book event and confirm with Joy that you have done so.
  • When pricing your event, the price should include tax and 20% – 22% tip rounding total up to nearest $1.00. For example: lunch is $10.00, tax would be $0.55, tip would be $2.20. Total cost per attendee: $13.00.
  • When a down payment or contract is required give that information to Joy who will get Board approval to do so. Joy will contact Treasurer who will issue a check for down payment.
  • When you have all information completed, you MUST submit your event details using the online event submission form located here: If help is needed to complete the online form, ask for help from a Board member.
  • Checks should be made payable to WOW and mailed to the event coordinator. Choose a cutoff date about a week prior to event. If the event has a limited capacity note that in your information.
  • After the event, checks should be given to Treasurer. If the Treasurer is attending, they will pay the bill. If they are not attending they will designate an attendee to pay.
  • If someone is unable to attend an event, and the restaurant charges for the meal, no refund is given.
  • If you are booking a non-eating event you will still need to follow the directions above omitting non-essential information.


After hosting an event, e.g. fish fry, breakfast, pizza night, sip ‘n dip, or any other event keep track of the number of members attending and send to Joy Imms Social Coordinator either by phone/message at (262) 391-3606 or email


Room rental costs are part of total cost and should be included in the fee that each guest is charged. It is not considered a deposit and will not be deducted from total bill. A deposit is usually deducted from total bill.

Make sure you understand what the restaurant or venue is asking for. WOW can issue a check for a deposit that will be taken off the total bill. People have asked for a deposit check, but it really is a room rental. There are times when the Board may approve the fee for rental (example: cost for renting pavilion for picnic). Give yourself time to submit the rental request to the Board. If you are in doubt, please contact Sandy Gast, WOW Treasurer.


All checks that pertain to any function or renewal of the WOW Club must be made out to WOW. This is to be done even if mailing the check to an event host or the Membership Committee. If not done correctly it makes it difficult to deposit the check in the WOW checking account.